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Gregg Witt

Executive Vice President, Youth Marketing


“Stop drinking from the firehose of a global Gen Z demographic. Focus on knowing your brand’s core audience, and aligning with the youth culture segments that matter most. In today’s world markets, niche audiences drive mass consumption.”  

"Apple of Our Eye", Best Speaker Award

2017 Marketing to Gen Z Conference 

Gregg is a youth culture specialist and a senior marketing strategist with an uncanny ability to help consumer brands become more relevant with tweens, teens and young adults. He is a proven brand builder, an inspiring speaker, and, in 2016, was named a “Top 5 Youth Marketer to Follow” by Inc Magazine.


Gregg has spent 17 years in the trenches of youth marketing, consulting for more than 100 companies. He provides authentic insights-driven strategies, creative leadership, and oversees social media activation for leading companies such as: Advocates for Youth, Autodesk Education, Awesomeness TV, Bravo Sports, The College Board, FunnyOrDie, Glaceau Vitamin Water, HBO, Nitro Circus, Nissan, Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, Red Bull, Qualcomm, Walt Disney World and more.


Gregg has a deep level of expertise related to consumer insights, niche cultural intelligence, brand positioning and development, social and digital media, creative content production, managing digital media, scaling influencer/creator networks, advocacy marketing, and online privacy, safety & COPPA compliance.


For over a decade Gregg has been director and hands-on leader of Youthvine (now rebranded as Sureshot)—a proprietary global online community that enables brands to rapidly and cost-efficiently engage tweens, teens and young adults for insights, co-creation, and influencer marketing.


Gregg Witt, EVP, Youth Marketing, Motivate
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