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"Apple of Our Eye", Best Speaker Award

2017 Marketing to Gen Z Conference 

Jake Skoloda is the President and Co-Founding Partner of the Millennial Ad Network, LLC, a social influencer and media business. Jake is a firm believer that the most effective way to understand Generation-Z is to go straight to the source. Including youth in strategic marketing decisions gives brands an unparalleled advantage as they try to capture the minds of Gen-Z.  Being a 17 year old student and entrepreneur allows him to provide first-hand knowledge on the lives of today’s youth that data and statics tend to over-look. An avid reader and researcher, Jake's interests span business, real estate investing and social media. Jake is looking forward to the opportunity to once again help shed light on youth marketing at the 2018 Marketing to Gen-Z conference.  He is always looking for opportunities to bring his expertise into play and to help people to take advantage of the most rapidly expanding demographic in the world.


Our Speakers

Jake Skoloda

Pres. & Co-Founding Partner

Millennial Ad Network 

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