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Nancy Breiling Nessel, a Generation Z Specialist and Marketing Consultant, is one of the premiere subject matter experts on Generation Z. In 2012, as a marketer and parent of tweens, Nancy identified the highly unique and unprecedented sociological behaviors among this emerging generation, largely driven by technology and social media. Nancy began researching and blogging about this generation of tech-savvy pioneers on As a marketing professional with an MBA and over 10 years of experience analyzing consumer behavior, Nancy identifies and disseminates emerging trends and untapped behaviors of Generation Z on her blog and as a consultant. Nancy has contributed Gen Z expertise to a variety of clients including Chicago White Sox, ALDO, Nissan, and is frequently quoted as a Gen Z Expert in the media and agency reports such as Mojeh Fashion.  


Nancy is both professionally trained and, to be on the cutting edge of Gen Z trends, she is personally immersed in this generation, with her own "insight community": Nancy has two tech-savvy teenagers of her own, teaches at a community performing arts center for urban youth and is taking classes in education. 

Nancy Nessel, Founder, and marketing to gen z leader

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Nancy Nessel


Gen Z Marketing Consultant

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