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2018 Sessions

Content & Connections You Can't Get Anywhere Else!


Build Your Experience Equity With Gen Z


Amy Henry

SVP, Strategic Planning

Strottman International


Gen Z can be an intriguing puzzle for today’s brands and organizations. On the one hand, they see themselves as authors of their own unique identity, while they look to influencers who can curate ideas delivered at their beck and call. They seek deep meaning and significance in everyday experiences, and, at the same time, resist the need to give up “play” as they head into adulthood. They advocate for living in the present, yet they are also entrepreneurs who refuse to settle for the status quo. And they believe in fierce individuality and independence, while advocating for a return to community, connection and belonging. What’s a marketer or program creator to do?


In this opening keynote, Amy Henry will talk about how Gen Z is changing the rules of marketing, making it critical that brands build their Experience Equities – ownable, immersive and participatory programs that deliver what today’s emerging majority seeks. She will suggest how to build your own Experience Equities, and will showcase brands who are getting it right with Z. Plus, Amy will give you a few more reasons to pay careful attention to the impressive lineup of researchers, creative & media experts, and the who’s who of influencers you’ll hear throughout the conference. Expect Amy Henry to set the stage with her signature, surprise & delight style that invites us to learn and enjoy the experience!

Gen Z Is Different
Z Diversity

3 Trends That Show How Gen Z

Is Different Than Any Generation Before It


Matt Anderson

Marketing Manager



 In this session, the head of YouTube's Human Stories program will unveil his latest research on Gen Z, diving into how Gen Z is different than millennials, what drives their decision making and how brands can connect with them in an authentic way. Expect a memorable and personal experience in learning, as only YouTube can deliver!

Z Diversity

Get actionable insights to win with cross-cultural Gen Zers.


Jose Villa

President / Chief Strategy Officer


We all know that Gen Z is the most diverse generation in American history, but how does that diversity play out in their attitudes, behaviors and beliefs? During this session, Jose will present brand new data from the latest wave of the “We Are Gen Z Report”  - “We Are Media Savvy”, diving into the content, gaming, digital and technology behaviors and perceptions of Asian, Hispanic, African-American and non-Hispanic White Gen Zers.


This session will provide a deep dive into the following topics:

  • Media consumption

  • Device preferences and usage

  • Perception vs. behavior for their digital behavior and preferences

  • Use of gaming consoles

  • Cohorts within Gen Z – GenZennials show significant differences

  • Preferences for multicultural and ethnic content

  • Ethnic representation in the media

  • Trust of online media (key differences)

  • Online influence

  • Content creation and sharing

Gen Z Shopping

What Gen Z Shoppers Really Want


Chris Wong

Global Vice President, Strategy & Partnerships


Katherine Cullen

Director of Retail & Consumer Insights

National Retail Federation

Hot on the heels of the ubiquitous Millennial generation, Gen Zers are the next new “crop” of consumers. As they begin to come of age, CP and retail brands are already feeling the impact. Not only does this young generation have its own money to spend, but its economic influence extends over both family members and wider communities. To understand how Gen Z shops and what engages them in the retail space, the National Retail Federation and the IBM Institute for Business Value will discuss the findings from a three-part joint global study of more than fifteen thousand Gen Z consumers as well as new trends from the NRF on how younger consumers shop both in stores and online.

Passion Points

Engage With The Stage !

"Can't Miss" One-Of-A-Kind Interactive

Dialogue With Top Gen Z Influentials


Guided By:

Gregg Witt

EVP, Youth Marketing


VC’s, Entrepreneurs, Social/Digital Media Agency Founders, Brand Marketers, Generational Activists, Virtual Focus Group Founders, Content Creators, Writers, and Students! - recognized in Forbes, Time, Fortune, Inc., CNBC, NY Times, BBC, CNN, Adweek, etc.


This exclusive open-mic stage/audience segment with a nationally and globally recognized who’s who of Gen Z Influentials, gives you the opportunity to get thru the stats and get to the truth about what Gen Z really thinks and feels … what they think about brands … brand marketing … why they do the things they do. When you engage with the stage, you'll get the answers to your specific questions. This ain't your daddy's conference - remember, your dad actually owned a car - you think Z will?.


Gen Z Influentials:


Gen Z in 2025

Channel Overview

Social, Mobile, Visual … What’s A Brand To Do?


Guided By:

Melinda Cheng

Executive Director, Media

Toys 'R' Us

Instagram, YouTube, Amazon, Netflix, Snapchat, Cable, Houseparty,, OOH, Pinterest, Facebook (Facebook??), this session will take you beyond the flood of data to fully understand the implications of each channel‘s environment  … and to show you what Gen Z really uses … and, how … and, when … to reach Gen Z on the channels they use the most.


Is it mass or personal or both? Is a brand a channel? Takeaway: You’ll leave this session with a better understanding of which channels are right for your brand?



Nancy Nessel,

Matt Anderson, YouTube

Sean Flood, The Gotcha Group

Jose Villa, Sensis

Sowoon Song, OMD Mobile


Rise of Gen Z

Creative & What Works

Endorsements, Content, Influentials … What Works With Z?


Guided By:

Mark Wnek


New Breed Talent Army

What are the top brands doing to get and stay on top …  to stay connected with Gen Z. Nike, Kate Spade, Shop Jeen, Google, Disney, Awesomeness, Pink , Forever 21 …  this session with top Gen Z marketers will show you what creative successfully draws and delivers Gen Z’s attention, purchasing and loyalty. You’ll see what works and why.


Takeaway: This session will give you perspective and insights you can use  to measure your own campaigns.



Angela Fernandez, Ketchum

Gregg Witt, Motivate

Esty Gorman, Google

Amy Henry, Strottman

James Drake, Awesomeness

Shattering Stereotypes

Influencing Gen Z:

A 20 Minute Crash Course

Gregg Witt

EVP, Youth Marketing


A highly engaging speed-learning-session, including mad libs and worksheet handouts, where you will see how to develop Influence marketing strategies that deliver media value, based on content integrity, quality interactions, and image recognition analysis … you will literally create a Gen Z influence strategy right on the spot.


Subject matter includes:

Research to support Influence marketing, business use cases, five key roles of influencers and creators, talent classifications by archetype and genre, value-based selection tiers, defining criteria for brand alignment, and tactical program management considerations. We’ll break down a formula to track and evaluate performance based on content integrity, engagement quality, and image recognition analysis to determine tangible media value.


You will walk away with:

  1. An actionable Influence strategy worksheet

  2. A useful planning checklist

  3. The know-how to do Gen Z Influence marketing better

All In 20 Minutes!!!

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