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Who is Gen. Z?

“Approximately 83 million Americans under 20 years of age, representing 25.9 percent of the U.S. population, make up Gen Z.”- Sensis Agency

“Culture is a core indicator of identity for Gen Z. When asked to elaborate on what culture means to them, words like beautiful, complex, loud, creative, mixed and unique show up frequently.” - Jose Villa, President, Sensis Agency 

Voice of the Market

Gen Z receives average
allowance of $16.90 
which translates into

$44 billion
a year.
- Mintel


of Gen Z are worried about accruing student loan debt

– TD Ameritrade


of Gen Z is worried about the future

“According to the Center of Generational Kinetics, an Austin-based research firm, this young group favors more personal, immediate social platforms like Snapchat rather than broadcasting their lives widely and publicly for all to see through the likes of Facebook and Twitter.” - CBS News

“We do see differences between Gen Z and the Millennial generation. I think one of the most stark contrasts actually has to do with privacy. These young people grew up in a digital world of social media.  A lot of people are saying, “Oh, teenagers don’t care about privacy.” But it’s just not true. It’s something they actually guard very closely.” - Aria Finger, President & CEO,

“Gen Z are drawn to social media which disintegrates and self-destructs. They suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out) more than millennials, so being culturally connected is critical. – sparks & honey

Gen Z uses 5 screens on average: smartphone, TV, laptop, desktop, and iPod/IPad – sparks & honey

Gen Z would trust social stars advice 70% of the time while only trusting mainstream celebrities 21% of the time, when buying tech gadgets. -Emma Bazilian, Generation Now

Gen. Z's Financial Concerns

“These are also young people- who have experienced a pretty horrific recession over the last five years. So, yes, they are career-oriented. They want to make sure that they are getting into the right college, but also not saddled with that debt. I think that’s going to be really important to see how they view the economy, their own finances, and their family’s finances.” - Aria Finger, President & CEO,

Social Media Habits 


of 13-17 years olds left Facebook in 2015


Gen. Z prefers networks like

Snapchat, Secret & Whisper



of Gen. Z is non-Hispanic whites, making it the most cross-cultural generation yet.



of Gen. Z displays symptoms of emotional distress when kept from their personal electronic devices.


Hopes for the Future

“Surrounded by DIY education and crowdsourcing, these teens dream of self-employment. They feel pressured to gain professional experience at a very early age.” - sparks & honey

“Generation Z wants to be part of something. They want to do something real, and they have the digital tools to make it happen now. They’re starting businesses with Kickstarter, raising money to draw attention to a cause or fight an injustice, and at the end of the day, they want to share it with everyone they know.” - Steph Wissink, Managing Director & Senior Research Analyst, Piper Jaffray.


60% said they are willing to stay at a company for 10 years

8% said they want an open-office concept

More than half of Gen Zers want to write their own job description

- David Stillman & 17 year old son Jonah, Co-Authors of the book "Gen Z @ Work"


They are three times more likely to want to work at a small or medium company than a large one



of high school students want to start a business someday (compared to 64% of college students)

– sparks & honey


of high school students want to be an entrepreneur rather than an employee
– sparks & honey


of 16- to 19-year-olds currently volunteer


want their jobs to impact the world

Studying & Purchasing Online

33% watch lessons online – JWT

20% read textbooks on tablets – JWT

32% work with classmates online – JWT

55% prefer to buy clothes online – JWT

53% prefer to buy books and electronic online – JWT

Two-thirds make purchases online, and more than half of those purchases are from their phones

About 88% of Gen Z make in-store purchases (this percentage is much lower than millennials)

64% say that online images influence their purchases

 - David Staley, Columbus Futurists

48% of Gen Z has a money or payment app on their phones right now

52% of Gen Z even uses ratings and reviews while shopping at a retail store

-The Center For General Kinetics

8 seconds

is the average Gen. Z attention span


Gen Z & Youtube

marketing to gen z statistics
generation z statistics

What is Gen  Z Watching on Youtube?

  • 77% Product Review Videos

  • 76% Haul Videos

  • 71% Unboxing Videos



Gen Z watches the most vlogs and style collection videos




70% spend more than 3 hours a day watching video on their mobile devices

marketijng to gen z statistics

Millennials vs. Gen Z on Work

"29% of Gen Z believes personal debt should be reserved for a few select items and 23% believe personal debt should be avoided at all costs."


-The Center For General Kinetics

"77% of Gen Z currently earns their own spending money through freelance work, a part time job, or earned allowance."
-The Center For General Kinetics

More than 90% of Generation Z says that a strong WiFi signal is important to them and their overall shopping experience

-HRC Retail Advisory

Gen Z & Television

"In 2011 the average 18 to 24-year-old Millennial watched around 25 hours of traditional television per week. Today, they watch closer to 14 hours per week" -Visual Capitalist
"61% of Millennials say Netflix is their first or second choice for watching TV." -Business Insider
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